I am convinced that Roosevelt was actively seeking war with Japan in 1941.

I am certain the US refused to sell oil to Japan to provoke an attack.

When the attack was underway Roosevelt knew about it.

He had previously moved the navy’s ships to Hawai. Tempting the Japanese.

To make sure the attack did not harm the US too much the most important ships were not present the day of the attack. The carriers were put out of harm’s way.

The damage done was serious, but not vital.

The American public was shocked. Roosevelt had his causus bella. I am convinced he wanted the Japanese to strike first. The Japanese took the bait. If they wanted oil they had to. It’s inexcusable what they did, but it’s also true that Roosevelt pushed them to do it.

At the time Hitler was already so delusional and driven by a desire to make any sort of peace settlement impossible that he declared war on the US. A self-destructive decision he had no sound strategic reason for, except to stiffen German resolve: it’s us against the entire world and either we win or we get destroyed. The only benefit was that initially German submarines badly damaged US shipping.

The least you can say about the attack on Pearl Habour is that Roosevelt was happy it had taken place.