1. What this lady says right here:

2. Every American (and European) should see this at least 5 times a day till it finally sinks in. The Dems and the Reps are there to give you the illusion of choice.

3. It does not matter one fucking bit if a politician is gay or a woman or brown and talks of hope and change. None of those qualities say anything about that politician’s integrity. A lesbian Afro-American woman can also be a corrupt morally hypocrite money-grubbing war mongering whore. Yes, she can.

4. Suffering anywhere on this planet will hurt all of us in the end

This is a very tiny planet. We are all connected. People suffering anywhere on this planet WILL eventually come back to haunt the privileged ones.

5. The worst nightmare of the drug cartels is the legalisation and regulation of all drugs

Am not a fan of drugs. That’s exactly why I want them to be legal.

Since this last point will be the least popular point on the list I recommend everyone to read Chasing the scream by Johann Hari.


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