Lately it seems every new movie I watch has to kill off at least one baby in a horrible way. In this case the violence didn’t seem gratuitious as was the case in the Belgian World War II movie Torpedo (a movie I refused to watch till the end since it was so obviously trying to shock the viewer).

The Eastern Front is much more realistic.

Some German soliders are lost somewhere on the battle field and are trying to rejoin their lines. They have two captured Soviet soldiers in tow. Both women.

I think the movie shows the reality of Germany’s genocidal attack on the Soviet-Union.

It’s an anti-war movie.

Any movie who depicts war halfway accurately automatically becomes an anti-war movie.

The movie made me hate war and violence even war.

I watched the movie thinking the whole time: This should never happen again. This should never happen again.

But the US elected pro-war Joe Biden with his triggerhappy friends so children will continue to die in senseless wars for profit.

The US could greatly reduce the amount of suffering in this world.

Every day it chooses not to.


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