The succesful plot to kill Lincoln was a conspiracy.

The assassination of Julius Caesar was a conspiracy.

The idea to use the Ton Kin incident to escalate the war in Vietnam was a conspiracy.

When my 5 year old buddies in kindergarten decided to jointly attack Davy Wamback after he returned to school after eating lunch at his grandma’s place was a conspiracy. No worries, we didn’t hurt him physically. Some of us had just decided to use the time he spent away from school during lunch to turn everyone against him. It was a conspiracy. And I remember it vividly, cause I orchestrated it. I was a power hungry 5 year old. It was the triumph of my kindergarten career.

People believe in conspiracy theories because conspiracies are very much a part of human life. Some theories turn out to be true, some get debunked, and some linger on dividing people into those who reject them and those who are open to them or are convinced they are true.

When I see the words ‘conspiracy theory’ used today it is always as a synonym to ‘completely baseless crackpot claim invented by losers who need these outlandish theories to give purpose to an otherwise lacklustre life’. Well, that is NOT what a conspiracy theory is.

Putting together a conspiracy theory is a legitimate way to try an come up with how a complex event was engineered.

Yes, some of those theories are bat shit crazy. But some may not be. And some may simply be fact.

So you can’t dismiss a line of thinking merely on the basis of ‘oh, but it’s just a conspiracy theory’.

Human beings CONSTANTLY make assumptions about what is happening in their world and why.

When my child is crying I also come up with theories. Some turn out to be true (his tummy hurt) and some turn out to be wrong (he bumped his head).

If I were to treat these theories about my baby’s crying the same way most people treat conspiracy theories I would have to stop coming up with these theories and say: well, babies cry. Look no further. It’s all ok. It’s crazy to even think about why he might be crying.

Some conspiracy theories worth considering:

  • Oswald did not kill Kennedy OR he certainly didn’t act alone. I believe he really was set up as the patsy. To what extent he knew about the plan or was involved I don’t know.
  • The Roosevelt administration allowed the attack on Pearl Harbour to happen. I have studied this less than the Kennedy assassination, but enough to suggest that this theory may very well be true
  • I do think 9/11 was a New Pearl Habour. So members of the Bush administration allowed it to happen
  • The Americans funded Hitler and were happy about his rise. When they did D-day in 44 they did so to prevent all of Europe to fall to the Soviet-Union. There are more and more credible authors who are pointing this out.

I would say that people who always refuse to consider a conspiracy theory because they are allergic to the idea of their being conspiracy theories are lazy thinkers. They don’t want to consider things that do not fit with what they have come to expect.

This does not mean that now all conspiracy theories are true.

In this world where people have developed a weird form of binary thinking (you are either entirely for something or entirely against it) this would too easily be the conclusion. That I think they are all true. No, they aren’t.

I do think they should be considered and STUDIED with an open mind.