1. Am against Biden AND against Trump

2. I think Bush was still worse than Trump and when it comes to war and loyalty to the big corporations Biden is also worse. That’s why Biden was allowed to win.

3. I am all for racial equality, gender equality, peace, medicare for all, peace in the middle east, taxes for the richest people since money has a tendency to flow to the top and for wealth redistribution. I also think workers are more important than share holders, though am not against people buying shares per se. For all those same reasons Obama disgusts me, because he is a phony corporate whore who used being black and ‘nice’ as a Trojan horse. Obama pretending to drink water in Flint, Michigan tells you all you need to know about this man’s personality

4. Biden’s presidency will pave the way for a much more dangerous version of Trump in the years to come

5. Friendship doesn’t exist. There’s just people agreeing to use each other

6. Hillary would have bombed more countries than Trump

7. Monogamy is quite unnatural and only exists to have a more peaceful social order, because without monogamy some men would have lots of sexual partners and many would have zero which would lead to violence

8. Germany is the country that should be leading the world. Not the USA.

9. The USA is a shithole country where the sharks get rich and the rest get squished

10. Money can buy you happiness

11. You can expect more shit from your friends than from your enemies

12. People today respect authority too much, not too little

13. The stock market only says how the rich are doing, not the rest of us

14. People are much more influenced by external factors than they realize, cause it’s a scary thought that we are but a ball in the pinball machine with limited possibilities for change

15. The planet is totally fine. I have to agree with the late George Carlin there.