1. What European city is the headquarters of Prada and Versace?
  2. In what language does spasíbo mean “thank you”?
  3. What sport did Björn Borg excel at?
  4. What is the Spanish word for bull?
  5. What element has symbol Pb?
  6. The West Bank is one Palestinian territory. What is the other one?
  7. What is the nearest city to New York City that has a population over 10 million?
  8. What is the tallest mountain in Africa?
  9. What is the first book of the Bible?
  10. What prison was stormed on July 14th, 1789?
  11. What major Japanese city was spared bombing damage during WWII
    because of its cultural value?
  12. What musician died in a plane crash along with Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper?
  13. What does a mixologist make?
  14. What singer is known as “The Godfather of Soul”?
  15. What sweetener is usually used in Diet Coke?
  16. In what country did fortune cookies originate?
  17. Other than Mexico and Canada, what country is geographically closest to the United States?
  18. What is the biggest stadium in the United Kingdom?
  19. What famous Paris cabaret theater has a name that means “Red Mill”?
  20. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?
  21. What instrument did Ravi Shankar play?
  22. What is the Japanese word for freshwater eel?
  23. What city-state did Hannibal fight for?
  24. In what language is the motto of the English monarch written?
  25. In 1864 general Sherman famously marched from Atlanta, Georgia to a harbor in Georgia. He used scorched earth tactics during his march to the sea. Where did he end his march?
  26. How many jurors are there in a murder trial in Belgium?
  27. What vegetables are vampires scared of?
  28. How do you kill a vampire?
  29. What happens when a vampire looks in the mirror?
  30. Which buildings were hit on 9/11?
  31. Who is the head of state of Syria?
  32. Name a country in Asia that is also a US state.
  33. What was the largest city in the Confederate States of America?
  34. When somebody is risk averse, does that person like or dislike taking risks?
  35. What does the economic term ‘liquid asset’ mean?
  36. How many bones does an adult human have?
  37. In which year did the first flight with an airplane take place?
  38. Which vehicle was invented in 3500 BC?
  39. What is the heaviest human internal organ?
  40. In what country did espresso originate?
  41. Whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt in the Bible?
  42. What is the main ingredient of hummus?
  43. What is the most famous novel written by Mary Shelley?
  44. What is actor Dwayne Johnson better known as?
  45. In what country can you find Angkor Wat?
  46. What gift is traditionally given on a 25th wedding anniversary in western culture?
  47. There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. Which one doesn’t exist in real life?
  48. Who parodied Adolf Hitler in the movie ‘the great dictator’?
  49. What is the name of Elvis Presley’s former home?
  50. Who composed ‘Flight of the Valkyries’?