He grabbed women by the pussy.

He got his cocaine snorting son a cushy 50,000 dollar a month job in Ukraine.

He voted for the Iraq war. A war that killed hundreds of thousands, created massive instability in the region, led to the rise of Isis and also gave lots of Iraqi children cancer because the US and its allies used depleted uranium in its ammunition.

He opposes medicare for all. Because of the Democratic party’s money ties to the insurance companies and for no other reason.

The stock market will be way more important under Biden than the needs of working class people.

As opposed to Trump he might actually start some new war to show what a tough trigger happy Clint Eastwood kinda guy he really is. It’s almost the most insecure guys who love using violence the most. Especially when it doesn’t affect them personally.

He is always for expanding the military.

He looooves locking up people. He has a lot in common with his phony running mate Kamala.

He insults people who disagree with him.

When news reports bother him or expose him his team suppresses those and also treats them like fake news.

He’s a shitty guy. There’s no way around it. The guy is a total douchebag.

Trump stands for pretty much anything am against but if I had to choose between meeting Trump or Biden for a chat I would go for Trump. Once in a while Trump says something smart. Biden just says whatever he thinks will make him look like the decent alternative while being the exact opposite.