1. What do you get when you order ‘foie gras’ in a French restaurant?
  2. What is the painting technique ‘pointillisme’?
  3. What does the French word ‘avion’ mean?
  4. What is the longest river in France?
  5. What is the name of the ex Greek minister who now writes very popular books on the economy?
  6. What does the abbreviation SS stand for?
  7. True or false: more people died constructing V2 rockets than were killed by the use of V2 rockets.
  8. Can you make white wine with black grapes?
  9. Which country is missing from this list of the ten countries that produce the most wine: Italy, Spain, France, Chile, Australia, the USA, Portugal, South Africa, Germany and….?
  10. What do you call the little one of a cat?
  11. There are about 100,000 wild horses in the US. What happens to some of them? A. Several hundred are caught and brought to prisons where prisoners have to tame them. The tamed ones are later sold. B. The army is allowed to use them for target practice C. The US likes them because they are dangerous and they keep Mexicans out of the areas where they graze
  12. What is usually better to have in a modern navy: A. Battleship B. Aircraft carrier C. Cruiser
  13. Which country completely outclasses all other countries in the world when it comes to aircraft carriers?
  14. Tirana is the capital of which country?
  15. Which kind of diet should get you to go into ketose if done correctly?
  16. Who is Joe Rogan?
  17. Who is Gabor Maté?
  18. When it comes to sexuality what is known as ‘dead man’s grip’?
  19. What is the porn category ‘ebony’?
  20. Complete the title of this AC/DC song: Highway to
  21. Complete the title of this Led Zeppelin song: Stairway to
  22. Complete the title of this Jimmy Hendrix song: Purple
  23. Complete the title of this Rolling Stones song: Can’t get no
  24. Complete the title of this Beach Boys song: Good
  25. What is insider trading?
  26. How many people have walked on the moon?
  27. In the series ‘sex education’ we follow the adventures of a teenager called Otis. What is the profession of his mother?
  28. Brandon Lee, the only son of martial arts icon Bruce Lee, died in 1993 while filming The Crow. How did he die? A. A drug overdose B. He got run over by a train during a stunt C. He got shot with a gun
  29. What is ‘Affirmative action’ in the US? A. An effort to employ more people from minority groups B. A programme to support rape victims C. A popular pc game
  30. What is the name of the American national anthem?
  31. For how many years is an American president elected?
  32. In 1849 Henry Box Brown escaped from slavery. How did he do it? A. He dug the longest tunnel ever made by humans and ended up with anti-slavery people in the North of the US B. He shipped himself to anti-slavery people in a box C. He pretended to be a white actor playing a black man in a play
  33. The Nile flows through two countries, Egypt and….
  34. What is the closest capital city to London?
  35. Where is the lowest place on earth?
  36. In which city did Jeff Bezos first create Amazon?
  37. In 2001 America’s most prolific serial killer was arrested. He specialized in killing young women, calling it ‘his career’. Did he kill less or more than 100 people?
  38. Which country has the most colors on its flag?
  39. The Republican party is also known as the GOP. What does GOP stand for? A. Grand old party B. Great Operations Party C. Goal Oriented Party
  40. In what month are the US presidential elections held?
  41. What do Americans celebrate on the 4th of July?
  42. What is NOT a movie starring Tom Cruise? A. American Made B. The Departed C. Mission Impossible D. Top Gun
  43. The US president is elected to serve for four years. Is a US representative elected to serve more or less than four years?
  44. Who lived longer on average in the 19th century, American slaves or European factory workers?
  45. How many amendments does the US constitution have? Hint: it’s also the age lots of famous musicians had when they died.
  46. The Statue of Liberty was a gift. Which country donated this statue to the US?
  47. Do Buddhists believe in God?
  48. Which astrology sign is often considered to have the most empathy?
  49. Which book starts with: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”?
  50. Which book starts with: “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. Whenever you feel like criticising any one, he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”