1. What happened at an old monastery called Di Alamo in Texas?
  2. Do protestant priest have to be celibate?
  3. Which nut is called ‘goober`in the Southern States of the US?
  4. Which region of the United States is also called Dixie?
  5. A former US president was a peanut farmer before he became the president of the US. On the 14th of april 2020 he is still alive.
  6. Which Russian city was besieged for 872 days during World War Two?
  7. The movie Good Morning Vietnam is loosely based on the ‘crazy’ activities of Adrian Kronauer. What was his job during the Vietnam war?
  8. What are brigs, barks, caravels examples of?
  9. What is ayahuasca?
  10. What is the capital of Iceland?
  11. The Iberian peninsula is made up of two countries. Which?
  12. Who is Bob Hope?
  13. What is the Watergate affair or scandal?
  14. Julius Caesar wrote the famous book De Bello Gallico. What is it about?
  15. In 1870 there was a war between France and Germany (Prussia). Who won?
  16. Which Brazilian writer wrote the book ‘The Alchemist’?
  17. Which English writer has the nickname ‘the bard’?
  18. True or false: there is caffeine in green tea.
  19. True or false: Because of the corona crisis most Americans are getting 1.200 dollars per month for the rest of 2020.
  20. In which year was Playboy magazine first published? A. 1953 B. 1963 C. 1973
  21. Did Mengele, the angel of death, die in prison or as a free man?
  22. What is the name of Israel’s secret service?
  23. Before France switched to the Euro they had which currency?
  24. In Slovenia there is a beautiful lake at Bled. It has an island with a church in the middle. Which famous leader often had meetings with international guests there?
  25. Was Napoleon III a son or a nephew of Napoleon?
  26. When it comes to brewing coffee what is a French press?
  27. According to an Ethiopian story coffee was discovered after some animals became energetic from eating the plant. Which animal?
  28. If you dug a hole through the centre of the earth starting from New Zealand’s capital city, which European country would you end up in?
  29. Which city has the slogan: ‘what happens here, stays here’.
  30. Which human body part is measured with an orchidometer?
  31. Is Slovakia in the top ten of countries that consume the most alcohol per capita?
  32. Which eastern european alcoholic drink can be made from potatoes?
  33. When you mix rum, lime, mint, sugar with soda water you get which cocktail?
  34. What is a virgin mojito?
  35. What made the fight between the ships the CSS Virginia and the US Monitor unique?
  36. What is the name of the villain in the batman movies?
  37. In which city is the story of batman set?
  38. Which superhero’s fake name is Clark Kent?
  39. Which superhero can you disable with kryptonite?
  40. Which three countries produce the most models in the world?
  41. True or false: The vikings wore horns on their helmets.
  42. What is the capital of Australia?
  43. Which contemporary country used to be known as the Ottoman empire?
  44. What is the world’s longest river?
  45. Name an actor that starred in 142 movies. He starred in movies like The shootist, the Searchers, the quiet man…
  46. In which movie did Humphrey Bogart say: ‘We will always have Paris’.
  47. In which movie does Clark Gable say: ‘frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’.
  48. In the 17th century the people in the Netherlands went completely crazy because of a flower. They created what is possibly the first investment bubble in history. One bulb of these flowers could even buy you a house. Which flower are we talking about?
  49. What do you call the financial heart of London?
  50. How do you say ‘I’ in Latin?