I want my German to be absolutely perfect. Since the age of 17 I have kept a list of every book I read cover to cover. I only count the books I read thoroughly. I have checked and so far I have read 21 books in German.

I have also watched every modern German movie worth seeing. If it’s a German movie and came out after the year 2000 then there is a very good chance I have seen it.

I have watched a ton of documentaries and interviews. Every day I read the news in German.

In the past I have been paid to translate German newspaper articles.

But I have found I learn the most new words and the most grammar from reading novels.

So my goal is to have read 100 books in German by the end of 2022. Sooner won’t be possible as I can’t just sit around and read books in German.

I have really enjoyed reading Zwei an einem Tag, the German translation of One Day.

So 79 books to go.

If this post has any message it is:

Whatever you do, do it with complete determination.