• Tell her Slovenia got out of the Yugoslav wars without so much as a scratch. She will want to prove to you she has some fighting spirit anyway
  • Slovenian girls are already quite messed up by western genes so over in Slovenia they arguably have the least attractive Slavic girls, but hey, they are still Slavic, they are sexy af. Along with great education this makes sure they are not as money oriented as other Slavic girls. That’s good news.
  • They hate clingy, needy men
  • A lot of them are very intellectual and for some weird reason very linguistically gifted. You may want to showcase some intellectual prowess
  • They are very proud of their country. So no jokes about how small it is
  • It is small however so you can quickly build a reputation. The more they think you are a womanizing douchebag the more success you will have. Women say they hate men who treat them like shit but nothing attracts them more. They always think they are the superbabe who can finally tie this motherfucker down
  • For some reason they are really proud of their literature so it helps if you know some Slovenian authors. They’re pretty creative over there. It’s weird.
  • Good food is always a plus, but damn, Slovenian girls like gastronomy. Watch the movie Paris can wait for inspiration on how to treat them
  • Slovenian girls have the Italian feel for passion, the German-Austrian passion for order and structure and the Slavic feel for spontaneous partying
  • In general they should be easy to seduce since they are educated enough to just enjoy sex and not use it as a bargaining chip to land a bloke to provide for them for the rest of their lives

This post may or may not be satirical.

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