Yes, it’s bad. It’s very bad. It’s so bad that in most scenes I want to spit on the screen.

And yet I keep watching.

The eye candy doesn’t work well for me. The main character is just too skinny, too spoilt and too obnoxious. Apart from the skinny bit she is very American. She fits better in that movie about an annoying anorexic.

I have been to Paris and so I can’t watch it out of some longing to go to the city of light. It’s a city. It’s full of buildings. There are just more of them than in say, Bratislava or Rotterdam.

Am sure that as a fashion lover you can watch it for the clothes, but am grunge in my heart. I don’t care about fashion.

Some of the side characters are a bit more interesting than the main character, which am sure is not what you want to achieve when you are creating a series.

Halfway through the second episode you know that

  • French people cheat and having a lover is socially accepted
  • Obsess about food. Especially disgusting looking food.
  • the French don’t like to work
  • the French are nonchalantly sexy
  • the French don’t talk about work when their work throws a walking dinner party
  • the French have a huge dislike for people who don’t speak French
  • it’s worth stating twice: the French prefer blablabla and mnam mnam mnam over work
  • The French can be rude, arrogantly rude

This is all true, but all of this is presented in a way that is never funny. Am not a fan of French people I must admit. Reading comic books starring Asterix in French is enough contact with the French for me. But this is also because the French enjoy life, are impolite and all about pleasure and are chaotic. Since I have been depressed and serious for several years now I totally prefer the Germans over the French. I still have Schadenfreude reading about how the French got their asses kicked so easily by the Germans in the summer of 1940. Yes, that was an awful event, but still, nice to see the chauvinist French bite the dust in the most ignominious way.

So why do Zuzi and I keep watching this series?

For the joy of being annoyed. Just to dump criticism and snappy remarks on the main character as she somehow keeps getting more annoying.

Her American attitude certainly doesn’t help.

It’s full of clichés, but it’s a little like watching National Geographic and studying humans and their silly interactions.

I won’t fall in love with the characters (although am fond of that side character dude who plays the French guy in the movie Paris can wait, Arnaud Viard, see picture below), but as an anthropologic study it’s quite educational to watch.

Clichés are fun because there is always some truth in them.

Emily in Paris seems hell bent on showing us everything what could be unlikeable about an ambitious weirdly energetic sort of pretty young lady with just a whiff of puritanical values. She’s the epitome of the instagramming ME-generation.

And her life is a breeze. Because even the bad things that happen to her cannot affect her, because there is nothing to be affected. She is the example of a modern person who cares more about the picture quality of the moment she is in than about the moment or the person she is with.

Can I just say this?

It’s delightfully disgusting.

And not in a memorable way.

Oh, and Emily is not used to it that a man licks her pussy. In a subtle way the series suggests Americans don’t lick pussy and the French do.

Anyway, showing a woman enjoying cunnilingus gets the series some points.

I would give this series a C minus.

That’s partly for being positive about refusing to shower right after sex.


Being based in Slovakia I can add that Slovaks will love this series as for some reason they think France is the cradle of everything that is beautiful and to be desired in this world. Slovaks are wonderfully simple.