1. What is trickle down economics?
  2. What is Dunbar’s number?
  3. What is usually understood under Keynsian economics?
  4. What is a ‘bank run’?
  5. What kind of significant event do places like Masada, Israel, Mont Ségur, France and Di Alamo, Texas, have in common?
  6. What is the Peter Principle?
  7. What does REM stand for?
  8. Who were the Cathars?
  9. Who fought at the battle of the Little Big Horn which took place in 1876?
  10. Which Roman emperor ended the persecution of Christians?
  11. What event is meant by the ‘hegira’ or ‘hijrah’ in the history of Islam? It refers to an event in the year 622.
  12. What is the Magna Carta?
  13. On the 10th of April the Titanic stopped in a French port, picked up French passengers, and set out to meet its tragic end. Which French port are we talking about?
  14. What does the abbreviation ADHD stand for?
  15. Which disorder is commonly treated with Rilatin?
  16. What is the first thing the Vikings attacked in their first invasion of what is now Great Britain?
  17. If you have two groups of mice and you give one group an unlimited access to heroin and the other an unlimited access to cocaine, which group will still be alive after one month and which group will have died?
  18. What is the most correct definition of addiction according to contemporary psychologists?

a. Addiction is ritualized comfort seeking, typically as a symptom of poor social relationships and trauma.

b. Addiction is a set of habits acquired by individuals who prefer short term pleasure over long term accomplishments.
c. Addiction is an affliction rooted in one’s genes, yet triggered by growing up in an environment with poor cerebral stimilus and the availability of escapist substances.

  1. Could free blacks own black slaves in the United States anno 1850?
  2. Prior to the abolition of slavery in the US black slaves counted as three fifths of a white person. True or false?
  3. What is ‘hazing’?
  4. What was understood by the word ‘Mischling’ in Nazi Germany?
  5. In 1923 Hitler tried to overthrow the Weimar Republic in what has come to be known as the Beer Hall Putsch. The attempt failed and Hitler was imprisoned. What did he do in prison?
  6. In which city did Hitler’s favorite architect, possibly his only friend and his minister of armements, Albert Speer, die?
  7. Experts have tried to determine Hitler’s IQ. What number is commonly cited?
  8. What is the capital of Aruba?
  9. In which Latin American country do people speak Dutch? (Islands do not count)
  10. Alexander the Great married a Persian princess. What was her first name?
  11. What was a ‘carpetbagger’ in American history?
  12. What is the largest man made fire ever created?
  13. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are considered to be the backbone of the Rolling Stones, but who is considered to be the founder of this famous band?
  14. What is special about the hijra community in India?
  15. What is the often ridiculed claim of Erich von Däniken?
  16. Name six countries that have nuclear weapons.
  17. Israel has a strategy called ‘the Samson option’. What is it?
  18. What is a pyrrhic victory?
  19. What happened at the battle of Pharsalus?
  20. Abraham X came up with a theory in psychology that humans have a hierarchy in their needs. What is his last name?
  21. John Lennon was raised by his aunt Mimi. What happened to his mum?
  22. Name a country that has a shiite majority.
  23. Mozambique and Angola were colonies of a European country. Which?
  24. When Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba in the late 1950’s he had to drive a dictator from power. What was his name?
  25. Which country was the first to formally legalize euthanasia?
  26. What was Abraham Lincoln’s main occupation before he became the president of the USA?
  27. What is Liggett and Meyers?
  28. Who is Marc Dutroux?
  29. What is the birth name of Genghis Khan?
  30. How many cups of regular coffee do you need to drink in one day to kill yourself?
  31. What is antracite?
  32. Who developed the polio vaccine?

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