Talking from my own experience:

  • There is a vast amount of information out there that only exists in German. Thanks to German I have discovered books, documentaries, YouTube channels, newspapers, etc I would have no access to and wouldn’t even know existed if I hadn’t learned German. I have read and heard things in German that have changed my perspective on a lot of things
  • You can talk to Germans. Your chances of talking to a highly educated person with a lot of humanity and a lot of philosophical insight immediately go up dramatically
  • You can of course start teaching German to other people
  • When you know a new language it’s like you acquire a completely new software programme to digest the world. I have discovered that Germans really do see and experience the world differently and that has been interesting to say the least.
  • I would argue that if you are looking for a romantic partner then Germany is a good place to look.
  • Since Germany is THE driving force in Europe it certainly doesn’t hurt to be able to read German media
  • Your chances of landing a well-paid job certainly go up
  • If you are interested in the story of humanity then being able to digest the history and culture of the German people in their own language makes you feel you are getting closer to understand humanity
  • There are tons of excellent German psychology books. If you are interested in psychology I would argue that knowing German is big bonus
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