This movie is also known as Fack ju Göhte.

In both titles the name of the famous author has been deliberately misspelled.

This is one of the better German comedies. It shows how apathetic students in high school are when it comes to learning. And how – unfortunately – you have to get chummy with them if you ever want them to listen to you. It accurately shows how – these days – you can only get real cooperation from teens if they think you are cool. In a way a highschool teacher has become more of an entertainer than a teacher. Unless you want to terrorize the kids into cooperation. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t want to teach at a school.

The main characters in this movie are interesting. The acting is pretty good. The plot is predictable, but enjoyable.

There is enough chemistry between the two to keep you engaged.

It’s quite fast-paced. It’s never really funny – comedies are almost never really funny – but in a way it manages to show you what teaching in highschool is really like.

All the vocabulary you hear here is useful. It will also teach you a bit of German culture. Like when you pay attention to the expectations of the kids and how they react to their teachers.

All in all it’s one of the better German movies you could watch right now.

It’s the classic story of a non-traditional teacher being more successful than his orthodox colleagues. With a twist, since the main character happens to be a criminal.

Quite enjoyable.

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