Any time you to the website of CNN the headline will be bashing president Trump.

What they write is not necessarily untrue, but corrupt, pussy grabbing, money grabbing, war mongering, flip flopping and demented Joe Biden is not getting the same treatment.

Back in 2016 CNN along with all the other networks gave faaaaar more attention to Trump than to Bernie and carries a lot of responsibility for the Trump presidency. Hey, it was good for their ratings. Trump may have been bad for the US, but he was certainly good for the cash flow of the big media corporations.

Apparently bashing Trump and creating excitement around a Biden win in the debates and later in the presidency is the kind of news that sells best this time around.

So that’s what they are doing.

CNN presents you what makes them money, not what you need to read or hear to be fully informed.

If they were about the objective providing of information they would have given Bernie more screentime than Trump back in 2016 and they would be just as critical of Biden as they are of Trump.

And they would certainly not be so obvious about the candidate they want to lose.

Well, Trump losing would be the more surprising headline. Stuff around a Biden presidency would get them more clicks.

The media does this all the time. The rise and fall of celebrities sells. And after they spin the rise they spin the fall.

How anyone can still take these media outlets seriously is a tragedy.

Who will win the debate?

The one percent.

EDIT: I wrote this post before the debate. Here is CNN saying Trump lost the debate. How very predictable.

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