• Kids in cages at the border? This was already going on when Obama was president and Biden was the vice-president. Biden will do nothing to stop him.
  • Voters were unable to push Biden to the left or commit to anything truly progressive. They will be unable to do so after he is the president. Lots of folks will feel a sense of false relief after Trump is gone and they will just go back to their lives and in four years they will vote again for whomever the DNC coughs up.
  • drones strikes will continue. Because the killing of innocent civilians – mostly brown people – will not be mainstream news most people won’t care
  • support for Israel will continue and Palestinian children will continue to be murdered. All sponsored by US tax dollars
  • the billionaire class will continue to be pampered. Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor.
  • instead of cutting military spending and investing the money in things that benefit everyone military spending will go up. 60 percent of US tax dollars is already going to the military.
  • Due to systemic racism the US will continue to lock up black people and will in the process make sure they will no longer be able to vote or get a job
  • No medicare for all
  • People will continue to die because they can’t afford insulin. Something that doesn’t happen anywhere in Europe.
  • The ties between big corporations and politicians will continue to be tight.
  • Biden will be Wall Street’s bitch just like Trump and Obama
  • The US will do what it can to keep stock market prices up. As if that benefits the majority of people… Why? Because the US government works for the rich and only for the rich
  • Worst of all is that if Biden wins the Democratic Party will continue to make sure their presidential candidate will be about the same as a moderate Republican. The people who vote for Biden help to perpetuate a system that offers you only the illusion of choice
  • The way forward towards a more real democracy is to have the Democrats implode. The US needs more viable parties. There need to be other parties who have a real chance of winning the presidency. The first step in that direction is the destruction of the Democratic Party. Four more years of Trump will hurt people, will make the US look bad in the eyes of many foreigners who don’t really understand the US, but if in exchange the duopoly is broken… Then it’s a small price to pay.
  • By voting Green you scare the living daylights out of the ruling class. If they weren’t so scared of that they wouldn’t be trying to shame you in not voting for a third party.
  • With Biden president lots of people who actually mean will and want people to have it easier will think they have won. They will think things are back to normal and they will stop fighting for any progressive change. More people will wake up if Biden loses and his fans start attacking progressives. Biden’s loss would further polarize so called liberals and leftists. These two groups have been forced into the same party. In a real democracy these two groups would not be fighting over the leadership of the Democratic Party, they would each have their own party.
  • Biden may be a little less rude and a little less rude on Twitter, but that’s it, there is NO substantial difference between the two when it comes to morality, ideas, plans. The same people will benefit from their presidency and the same people will have a harder life than they could have. Because both will oppose all the policies that makes life for Europeans so much easier than it is for most Americans…

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