The plot is flimsy. The humor is crude. And it’s all so very predictable. It’s what you get when Germans – or actually any other people on the face of this earth – try to copy the (in)famous Hollywood romcom formula.


  • you can watch sophisticated documentaries in German non-stop from today till the day you drop dead, but those won’t teach you simple every day words. There are a bunch of useful expressions in a movie like this.
  • oddly enough the movies contain some good advice on how to pleasure a woman in bed. It’s not excellent, but it’s useful.
  • Some situations are funny, some situations are even suspenseful
  • It’s a matter of taste but plenty of folks seem to find the main actors very attractive. If you’re going to learn German you might as well do it while watching pretty people get into sort of comical situations

zuzi en ik

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