A 87 year old rich lady dies. She had more power than most people will ever have. And this in a democracy. She decided to keep her seat on the Supreme Court when she could have stepped down in her seventies. Now ever more erratic Trump can try and get one of his buddies to fill her seat.The lady voted for controversial pipelines that will do damage to nature and native land. Some companies will rake in the profits. To name just one amazing thing she did.On social media she is now some sort of Mother Teresa. This is quite bizarre, because most people applauding her and mourning her death don’t seem to know much about her. They certainly didn’t know her personally. She never did a damn thing for them. But there they go. How great she was!! Oh, she will be missed!What these people are doing is trying to be part of a community. An online community. Good luck with that. With the destruction of a collective spirit people have a need to create a fake collective spirit online. And pretending to be mourning rich old ladies that appear on the front page of the mainstream media is part of that.It also shows how many people are in desperate need of some hero. They will make heroes out of people who were no heroes. They were human, and selfish, and egotistical and greedy.What am saying is that most people tweeting and posting about how sad it is she is dead are being incredibly inauthentic.They’re just following trends and blurting out whatever will get them their attention fix to get through the next hour or so.That being said, can we have a serious debate about why we allow one person to have so much power in a democracy?


This lady was also a big fan of Israel. That by itself immediately disqualifies any person as a moral hero.