This is the nation that produced Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, Hellen Keller, Eugene Debs, Upton Sinclair, John Steinbeck and so many other towering giants.

What has happened?
How can this seemingly pre-adolescent attention craving choir boy rise to national attention?

Ok, he’s openly gay. I like that. He seems to have sweet husband who is a driven teacher.

And that’s where my liking of Pete Buttigieg ends.

He served in Afghanistan for a few months. In the rear with the gear. He had a desk job. Even if had had a serious combat role there I would still not celebrate that. The US is only in that country because of is geostrategic location, its vast untapped mineral wealth and because the US needs perpetual wars because the rich profit from those.

Pete offers nothing. He could stand for healthcare for all, but he doesn’t. His fans can’t even tell you what he stands for or what he’s accomplished. And am not talking about his success as a student. Am sure he had good grades, but that doesn’t make him a leader.

Just look at how vapid his Tweet is.

This is just fodder to keep his base – who prefer flowery feel good words over any concrete actions that actually help people – feeling good about themselves.

The Obama huggers who looked away when the occupy movement was destroyed, bankers got top jobs, when he did the bidding of Citygroup, when he deported migrants, when kids were already being put in cages, when he managed to bomb more than Bush…

A lot of Americans choose not to know that because of the pathos in Obama’s words and those of wannabe Obama II, Mr. Buttigieg…

Obama is an expert at providing the verbal lubricant to push through basically the same policies as Trump does. Except that Trump does it openly and Obama does it almost in secret with enormous good will on the part of the media.

What the Obama’s do is sell a product, a brand.

They will not life a finger to bring about structural change that could benefit millions of America.

They talk of hope and change while people get evicted. And when this is pointed out they say it’s because their hands are tied behind their backs because of the Republicans. Bullshit. Obama could have had 100 percent control of both the House and the Senate and he would not have done more for the American people. And he would have hated hit, because he couldn’t have blamed his inaction on the Republicans.

In America there is only one political party and both serve the 1 percent.

They are just different in how they sell that agenda.

If there is a difference between the two it is in their marketing strategy.