I carry you a lot.

When you cry or shows signs of boredom or discomfort I pick you up.

You weigh 10 kgs now and it regularly happens that I carry you for up to two hours.

I can make tea with you on my arm, I can put choco spread on my bread, I can open bottles, drink, I can write short messages on my phone. I can prepare your bottle with you pulling at my hair. Tricky, but doable.

I give you many kisses. Usually on the top of your head because am often carrying you with your face facing away from me. You prefer it that way, because you like to look at things and grab stuff.

Sometimes when your mum is feeding you and you are annoyed, because it’s boring, I show you your picture books. You enjoy this and smile and look at the pictures. A bit surprising because at this point you have no idea what those pictures are.

I am often scared of dropping you. I get very uncomfortable when you are crawling near things that you can bumb your head against.

When you are are playing and I am lying on the ground you tend to crawl toward me and climb on top of my chest. Once you are there you get fussy, because I think you want me to get up and walk around with you.

You do not like to lie down. Not in anyone’s arms, not anywhere. You prefer to sit. Or stand.

When you want to do something else you start scratching the back of your head. Then I know it’s time for a change of scene. You scratch very hard and often you have little cuts from your own nails. Especially in your ears. Your nails are very sharp.

In the morning I usually walk through every room in the house with you. Like on an inspection tour.

When you are awake you are active every second.

You get a lot of hugs from both of us. When the weather is hot we try to make you drink water, but you rarely want to.

You understand the words ‘up’, ‘bath time’, possibly ‘mnjam mnjam’, ‘Brunko’s going on a trip’ and maybe ‘diaper change’.

When I clap in my hands you know am going to pick you up. This always makes you smile.

We made a video where am bouncing you on my knee to the rhythm of a Rolling Stones song for our friend Abram. You’re smiling until you switch off the song.

You vomit on me about once or twice a day. I don’t mind, but I feel sorry for you. You don’t seem to mind though.

You can open the fridge. You can take out the ketchup bottle.

When you wake up you smile at us.

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