This morning my mother received a breakfast basket for her birthday. I made sure there was enough for her and her sister, aunt Karine.

My mum was flabbergasted. My aunt as well.

The price was 50 euro. Not cheap, but I knew my family would be overjoyed and would not see it coming. Until the last moment my mum was expecting flowers, but I wanted to do something different this year.

I went to give the good people running this business a positive review.

Some other reviewers complained that the service was way overpriced. Their argument? The value of the products in the basket amounted to maybe 10 or 15 euro…

Obviously, if you want 50 euro worth of supermarket products there is one little thing you can do. You can go to the shop and buy 50 euro worth of supermarket items.

That’s not what you are paying for here!

The basket was neatly presented. All the products looked nice. There was even a bag of locally roasted coffee. The message I had included had been copied on a card and was handwritten. This is a little thing, but this little thing isn’t being done by elfs or dwarfs or any other magical creature. The entrepreneurs behind this business need a clean place to prepare this, a website, staff, they have to pay a ludicrous amount of taxes – we’re talking about Belgium where you have to be a fearless crusader if you wish to be an entrepreneur -, they have to deliver it, comply with all sorts of regulations, etc.

And yes, call these people crazy, they want to make profit.

Bottom line: Sending someone a breakfast basket is a very different affair than going to your local supermarket.

The more time someone has sacrificed to fulfill your request the more you are going to pay.

Scams do exist and yes, you can be ripped off, obviously, but I do believe most people are not in business purely to make money. They also want to be of service.

So careful when you question the price someone is asking for a service. More often than not there are is some very sound and fair reasoning behind that price.

Before you judge, ask yourself if you know the whole context in which someone reached a decision.

And spoil your loved ones every chance you get.