To whom it may concern,

I am a reporter at the foreign desk of the Belgian daily De Standaard as well as a former Central and Eastern Europe correspondent for the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad.
As a journalist, I have worked with a host of interpreters in different countries and under different circumstances. The best of them not only manage to quickly and accurately transpose conversations and documents, but are also able to think along and anticipate, effectively becoming collaborators rather than mere interpreters.
Mr. Peynsaert certainly fits this profile. Working together on an investigative report about the distribution and control system for EU agricultural subsidies in Slovakia, he was quick to grasp the objective, did his own additional research and offered up useful suggestions.

While talking to sources, he managed to put people of vastly different walks of life at ease through his friendly, respectful demeanour, yet equally did not hesitate to push a bit further or ask yet one more pesky follow-up question when prompted. The output of his work (interpreting/translating Slovak to Dutch/English and Dutch/English to Slovak) was of the highest quality.
Throughout our collaboration, he seemed as dedicated to the outcome as I was. If you are looking for someone willing to go the extra mile for his clients, Mr Peynsaert is unlikely to disappoint you.
I found him a joy to work with, look forward to our next venture and, meanwhile, am happy to recommend his services.

Written by Roeland Termote.

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