In Belgium voting is mandatory. Elections are always on a Sunday, so most people are not at work. Instead of just two parties the major linguistic groups each have about 7 parties to choose from. There are many more, but 7 are taken as seriously as the Dems and Reps in the US.

Almost the entire political spectrum is represented. So it’s not a choice between hardcore rightwing party minus abortion and hardcore rightwing party plus abortion. Apart from religious differences Belgium has everything to spark a civil war. Yet not the least bit of violence has ever erupted between the French speaking, Dutch speaking and German speaking regions.

The country is heavily unionized. No mass shootings. Excellent universities with tuition fees that set you back less than 1,000 dollars a year. The country has one of the densest railroad networks in the world. You can buy a ticket for ten rides. One ride costs about 8 dollars and for that you can travel between any two points in Belgium. Even villages usually have a train station.

You can choose your own doctor and he/she will usually come and visit you at home. The country also boasts the largest chocolate factory in the world.

With this very, very short intro I just want to say:

The US can do so much better.