I am inclined to see the world very negatively. Even as a child I was morose. I didn’t expect anything good from this world. I read this book when I was 27. This book was eye opening. I realized how much my negative thinking was damaging me. I saw I could control more in my life than I ever realized. I grew up in a loving family, but the constantly repeated message I got was: everything is doomed, we are all DOOMED. Nothing good can ever happen.

I still have this pessimistic apocalyptic reflex, but this book and Tony Robbins’ videos on internet were one of the first things that smashed a breach in all that negatitvity. In all fairness, my parents gave me mixed messages and at the root of them was a mixture of pain and love. One day they would tell me the end of the world was near and the next day they would tell me the sky was the limit. A strange recipe. I know Tony Robbins isn’t perfect, but I am grateful for putting some optimism in my head.

I wouldn’t want to reread it and his later books didn’t quite capture my attention, but some of his teaching was a small revolution for me.

At one point I even considered going to one of his seminars, but I read too many reviews of participants that were lukewarm or outright negative. Over the years it’s also become clear that the same people keep going to his events and that apparently he isn’t drawing in new crowds. The events are said to be just lots of jumping around and the same info you can get from reading this book.

Fun fact: Tony Robbins claps his hands in the weirdest possible way, but it’s kinda catchy.