This for people who already know a lot about the American Civil War and are familiar with the rhetoric of Neo-Confederates.

Yes, poor people will fight for their elite, it happens in all wars. It’s dishonest to pretend only a small percentage had slaves. You need to count slave holding families. Maybe I do not personally own slaves, but if my brother or even a cousin has them I will probably fight for his right to keep them AND to take them into new states. Plus, lots of people who don’t own slaves had aspirations to one day own slaves. Plus, plenty of men just went to war cause the prominent men in their town did so. Not every soldier needs to understand why there is a war going on to go to war. Plus, soldiers from slave holding families enlisted earlier and tended to hold out longer than those from non-slave holding families. The Corwyn amendment, all those typical lost cause points, all been debunked a long time ago. You have emotional reasons to believe in a myth. The reactions you get have nothing to do with hatred towards the south, they have everything to do with serious historical research. No matter how you turn it, it was about slavery, more specifically the right to have slaves in the new states forming out west. How many times does this need to be repeated? It’s getting really boring.

Oh, and put your big boy pants on for this one:

Father Christmas doesn’t exist and there were no black Confederate soldiers.