When it comes to narcissism the only difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton is that Hillary is less at ease in the spotlight than Trump. That’s what she herself meant when she once said: ‘I’m not a natural politician’.

Trump is spontaneous and improvising in his narcissism, Hillary is much more calculating and much, much more self-conscious.

The latest case of Hillary’s delusional grandiosity is that she actually thinks lots of people want to see her try to win the presidential elections again. Maybe the sycophants she surrounds herself with tell her that, yes, maybe. It’s also a case of ‘fake it till you make it’ and a test to see how people will respond. All it really says is that SHE WANTS to run again. The pressure she feels is her own ego.

A narcissist – unless a depressed one – creates a flattering illusion about him or herself. It’s all about cultivating an impressive image. To project that image the narcissist will do anything that seems to support his or her grandeur and specialness. This is why Hillary flipflops so easily. This is why Trump seems to make erratic statements or have paradoxical policies. They do whatever it is that keeps their illusion that they are strong and mighty and untouchable alive.

One of the ways to explain the difference in their narcissism is that, while both will almost never admit a mistake – unless to win brownie points – privately Hillary knows when she’s said something stupid, Trump does not. Or put even more simply: Donals Trump has more fun.

They are both toxic people. Both became narcissists as a survival strategy in childhood.

Their narcissism is so deeply entrenched and they get enough ‘pay off’ for their narcissistic strategies and calculations that they will never change.