Here is a short bit from a lesson with -thanks God – an atypical student:
he: I watched a documentary yesterday
me: about what?
he: I can’t tell you
me: why not?
he: it’s about… you know
me: sex?
he: no.
me: prostitution?
he: no.
me: murders?
he: ok, I will tell you
me: ok
(two minutes of silence)
he: space
me: oooowwwkay. tell me something about space
he: I can’t
me: (crying inside) why not?
he: it’s too complicated for me, I think. I shouldn’t talk about it.
me: it was about black holes and stuff like that?
he: no.
me: was steven hawking in it?
he: I don’t think so
me: you saw the whole documentary?
he: ehm. I think. Yes.
me: what if we played a game?
he: I don’t know any games
me: I can teach you
he: maybe not today
me: do you like documentaries?
he: I shouldn’t watch them.
me: why not?
he: No time
me: you’re busy?
he: no.
me: let’s do some exercises in the book
he: ok
me: page 34, exercise 2
(2 minutes of silence)
he: I should read it?
me: yes, please
he: (reads so quiety and monotonously I can’t keep my eyes open)
me: ok, good
he: am sorry am so weird
me: it’s ok