The Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, published Sunday, ranked 169 nations based on factors such as life expectancy and access to sanitation and medical care. Countries were penalized for tobacco use and obesity, among other health risks.

Source: Haaretz

You can check the index here.

The US came in… 64th…

To be perfectly clear, one of the reasons the US scores so poorly is because its billionaire owned government doesn’t give a shit about its citizens, people are addicted to fastfood in part because they can’t afford more expensive, healthier food and because in this ‘swim or drown’ society there is just a lot more stress than in a country like Italy, which made it into the top ten. And the US is the only developed nation that does not ensure all their citizens can go to the doctor.

In the pic you see the top ten plus the US.

The country that is a joke with a cool movie industry and the most powerful army in history. A nation that also has some of the most creative, most political thinkers who have no influence on policy, because tv and politics are paid for by the billionaires who keep explaining why 60 percent of taxes should go to the military.

Try and explain that to a random American and chances are you will be called a kook and that the greatest threat facing humanity is terrorism, not realizing that the US itself is responsible for the rise of many of those terrorists.