• Accept that he’s not perfect. We need to get him elected first, so attacking him for some of his mistakes, like his statements on Venezuela, is not helping anyone. We can criticize him for that later when he’s in the White House. It’s like with friends: praise them in public, criticize them in private. By criticizing him in public we just help the enemy. If you want to criticize him, email him, send private messages, call his campaign team. Treat him like a friend: praise him in public, criticize him in private.
  • Yes, the mainstream media is smearing him any way they can. Bringing up and analysing ever single fucking hit piece is just giving more and more attention to the mainstream media. All Bernie supporters, all alternative media channels who support Bernie can waste all their energy until election day by pointing to every hit pieces. The mainstream media will report negatively on him every single day. Is this really what Bernie supporters are going to focus on? All the dirt the media throw at him? The people watching those mainstream shows will swallow it anyway. Stop preaching to the choir!
    Don’t think internet is the real arena of political debate. If you are in the US meet people face to face and tell them why you support Bernie Sanders
    Make a list of all the usual anti-Bernie arguments. People will always use the same things against him. Make a list of those and the best counter-arguments, save yourself some time.
    Go to protests, get out of the house, volunteer, go to events. You won’t convince many people from your lazy chair retweeting stuff (though that’s part of the game). Online time is worth 100 times less than face to face time
  • Keep reminding people of what Bernie Sanders stands for, don’t constantly talk about what you are against. Saying what you are for is a much catchier message than saying what you are against
  • donate, donate, donate, money and time
  • be nice to people! Don’t join useless shouting matches. Don’t use empty insults like ‘idiot’ or ‘moron’, silly name calling like that just makes you look dumb
  • Focus on convincing leftist people to vote for him first. Trump fans are in the minority. Once Bernie is the presidential candidate there will be so much enthusiasm under his fans that they will come out en masse to vote for him, especially young people will be much more vocal in supporting Bernie. The most important part of this journey is to have Bernie as the presidential candidate running against Trump. Bernie will be hamstrung by people on the left, not so much by people on the right -people on the right falsely and smugly assume Bernie can never defeat Trump- , and of course by the mainstream media.
  • Focus on retweeting and reposting pro-Bernie videos made by the alternative media, don’t give the mainstream media views. Let their viewer ratings go down, down, down. Ignore the mainstream media, don’t give them revenue by clicking on their shit