The fastest way to give myself a happiness boost is to do something nice for others. A lesson specially prepared for the needs of a student. Listening to a therapy client. Sending a friend a book that I know he will really enjoy. Helping the students relax when they are writing their exams. Recommending movies. Giving genuine compliments. Teaching someone a new game and seeing them really enjoy it. Thanking someone for something they did for me. Building a real connection with someone. Remembering a detail about someone’s life story. Taking out the trash. Getting to know someone for real. Sharing my very limited life experience with someone. Making somebody laugh. Chasing off pigeons for someone with a pigeon phobia. Watching something funny together with someone. Engaging someone with a topic that fascinates me. Sharing my passion. Seeing someone come alive. Passing on a spark. Hugging someone gently, with burning tenderness. Giving someone joy. Seeing someone’s life improved because you were a part of it. Lending comic books to someone with a similar sense of humor. Finding the right nickname for someone. Having someone bestow the perfect nickname on you. Helping someone out with a task. Surprising people by giving them more than they would ever expect to get.

Celebrating someone’s existence.

The only mystery is why I don’t do all this ten times more often than am already doing.

The happiness project of 2019.