I fell in love with German after watching the movie Der Untergang over and over and over again.

There are many scenes in it that really affect me. In general the movie is an over two hour long symbol for how I have felt most of the time in life. Like invading armies were closing in on me and all I could do was postpone the inevitable and not go down without putting up a memorable fight.

There is one scene in the movie that perhaps offers the most positive take on life modern man is capable of.

With Berlin in ashes there is one physician who tries to save as many people as possible and who refuses to go along with the suicidal tidal wave going on after the curtain’s fallen over Hitler’s Third Reich.

He’s asked where they should go now and he says:

‘Irgendwo wo man uns braucht.’

‘Somewhere where they need us.’

I think I have followed that advice, albeit reluctantly, and have ended up in Slovakia. A place I never thought I would end up in. The longer am here the more I appreciate it, but still, it’s hard not to think of it as final proof of faillure. I mean it’s not San Francisco, or Seattle, or hell, if I had the balls for it, Moscow. A truly courageous man with my background would have gone to Moscow I suppose. Same thing as Slovakia except that everything is 100 times grander, bigger, crazier, shockingly so.

But they need me here, it seems, the few skills I have are sought after, I can be my women loving self and teach them languages in the process. At times I feel like a liguistic closet case gigolo, which am not of course.

It’s excellent advice though.

Life is simple enough.

Go where they need you.

I should count myself lucky that a place like that actually exists.

It’s far from ideal but Slovak women have the ability to compensate for a hell of a lot of things.

(The Happiness Project 16 of 365)