There’s my student Martin who is clearly guided by Christian principles. He is also the only person I know to have lots of self-restraint and still be happy, because of it, not in spite of it. Remarkable fellow. He’s inspired me to stop drinking alcohol on the 15th of November 2018. Not that he ever tried to persuade me to kick my drinking habit, not even remotely. It’s just when I think of Martin I go, hmm, if I were to have a daughter what an amazing thing it would be if she comes home with a guy like that. He’s also the most healthy and energetic looking student I have and quite possibly the most intellectually gifted of the lot. Or at least he shares first place with one or two others. No small feat because I have intelligent students. For example, if I would take just the students I have to an uninhabited island I am sure we could create a benevolent civilization. Or is that a dream sure to turn into nightmare too many people have nurtured before me.

We would also have no problem increasing the population as several of my students manage to set me on fire. Take the budding writer L for example. You can call me a superficial bonobo but I find it hard to look at her and not imagining all the things we could do that would probably pull the rug out from under her Christian morals. This is a Christian country I have met more religious people here in two years than in all my life before and I went to Lourdes, France, twice as a child…

She would help to provide the literature and perhaps the movies of the new civilization.

It’s almost like a cruel joke of the universe that a captivating young woman like her seems to be so allergic to carnal delights. Although for an intense person like she is am sure there can be no talk of bodies merging without a very strong overarching dimension. She has figured out that one is delusional if one thinks that the people you have sex with do not become a part of you for the rest of your life. I think she may have opened my eyes to this fact. If you sleep with someone they become part of you, a part of them sticks on your soul, you may try to deny their presence in you, but it’s impossible, people with whom you have sex march off with a piece of you and leave behind a piece of their own. That being said, and taking my past into account, I am sure there is a spot in me that is hers already if she’d be willing to leave a piece of her behind in me.

There is Eva, a wonderfully driven doctor, who has managed the impossible which is to boost my self-confidence.

There is Zuzana, of course, who never fails to amaze me with her love of life, of positivity, her good cheer and her kindness and her drive to do all in her power to make this world a more loving place.

There is A who is a living reminder that I should take care of my body as I did years ago.

There are the many Slovaks I have met who have struggled much harder than most young people in the west to get to a decent living standard.

Most of all I feel like I have to conclude that Slovaks have more respect for life, for human beings, for forces outside of our control, and that they have more humility than the people in the country I grew up in.

I think I will stay in Slovakia until I know every Slovak word, which will of course require… several life-times.