This website actually started out as something called ‘my year of self-improvement’. The idea was to dedicate an entire year to improving myself. I totally didn’t have the discipline back then to keep blogging ever day. I think it was back in 2014, am not sure. I know it wasn’t good. I wasn’t ready to dig deep enough, to examine all wounds, to expose it all. It was driven by anger, and not so much driven by a genuine willingness to uncover what makes me happy.

Because that will take a frightening amount of vulnerability.

1,000 posts later I am ready to give it a new shot.

I have also read the book ‘The happiness project’ by some rich woman, and boy, it sucked big time. Her happiness project was about reading new magazines. Absolutely ridiculous. Also, she skipped sex in the entire book, as though sex has nothing to do with being happy. How many happy sexually frustrated people do you know?

So here is episode one and the point is to keep it up to episode 365.

Can I make myself feel happier a year from now?

We need some data to compare and as I like to keep things simple, I am just going to compare my overall happiness, today and a year from now.

So on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being utterly wretched and miserable, and 10 being absolutely over the top seventh heaven happy, right now I am a….


Over the past years I have been a 1 or a 2, so am already feeling a lot better than say two years ago.

I know which factors drag my happiness level down to a pitiful 3.

It’s my hope that going on a brutally honest journey of happiness exploration I will be able to climb higher on the happiness scale.

I know this is a hugely egotistical project, but I feel I need to do it, and I hope people can learn something to improve their own lives.

Even if the only thing I might discover is that happiness projects make you miserable.


The picture here dates from 2008. Back when my happiness level was often a 6 and maybe at times even a 9. I guess I want to get back there.