The plan will see Japan spend approximately $243 billion on defense over the next five fiscal years, until 2024.

Nippon (Japan in Japanese) has maintained a pacifist stance ever since the end of the second world war, but in recent years the land of fast trains, the samuari and weird porn with eels is doing away with tha tradition.

Globally there is a new arms race going on. Well, did that race ever end?

There is no real reason for countries to be investing in heavy military equipment. The only wars we have are mostly assymmetrical conflicts.

Tax payers are skinned fruitlessly and the military industry benefits.

That’s the whole point, we all need to shiver in fear of terrorism, North-Korea, Iran, Russia, possibly China, to justify these useless expenditures.

But great news if you have the cash and no moral restraint to buy shares in companies just as General Electric, because the more arms are bought by any one country the more weapons other countries will want to buy.

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