In my personal life at least.

Globally speaking we only made the financial elite even richer, destroyed the environment a bit more, elected the same puppets of the financial oligarchy to be our reality tv show political leaders.

A certain Twitter account kept revealing how the US has become a freak show.

Israel, the most influential 51st state of the US, kept murdering innocent Palestinians.

The US kept supporting brutal regimes as long as they did what the US wants and kept saying any government that did not do its bidding needed democracy.

China kept advancing towards one day totally taking over the world and the Russians thought they were being the smartest guys in the room (at times they were).

And something was going on in Yemen, but did we really care? I think the first and only time people cared about Yemen was when in that one Friends episode Chandler moves to Yemen to escape from Janice. Yeah, that was funny. Funnier than a full school bus being bombed by the Saudis with American made bombs.

Iran kept being demonized and Syria managed to defeat the US, I mean ISIS, I mean the US, I mean it’s the same. By the way, the US is NOT pulling out of Syria, Trump got his attention shot for saying that, but the US will just keep on messing with that country.

But this year on a personal level? Wow!

  • I made more than twice the amount of money as I did last year. And money is important to me, because like it or not, we inevitably soak up the mentality of whoever rules over us. We are all the tiny babies of the superrich and their cultural hegemony. But I had fun. The money rolls right in and I just sit and grin.
  • I met some truly wonderful women in 2018 who gave me the feeling that the world isn’t such a bad place after all.
  • I started liking Slovakia, probably because of the money and the women and the people I have around me here
  • I got obsessed with learning German. I listen to and watcg about 40 hours of German documentaries and movies per week
  • I started teaching four languages
  • I quit alcohol (again), but this time for good
  • I kicked my out of control coffee habit which was literally killing me and a major factor in my depressions
  • I cut all ties to all people who were making me unhappy
  • I reduced my social media use to the bare minimum. I greatly recommend this to everyone. Facebook really is the blue disease, all the others are bad too. My personal online hell consists of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they make me throw a FIT.
  • I was depressed a lot less, especially during the second half of the year
  • I very nearly stopped working myself up over stuff I can’t do anything about like some of the stuff mentioned on the intro above
  • this blog exploded. It got ONE HUNDRED times more visitors than in 2016 and four times more visitors than in 2017.
  • This was also the first year I got paid a decent amount of money to blog
  • I didn’t spend even one day in nature!
  • I again saved a ton of money by refusing to own a loan on wheels (= a car)
  • I spent less than three weeks in Bloody Belgium and when I was there I tried all my favorite foods and quickly skedaddled the fuck out of there back to Slovakia, land of hot honeys and their nurturing milk
  • For the first time in my life I was too happy to read books. I have never read so little… Less than 10 books this year… Not over 50 as in previous years. But I thoroughly enjoyed the ones I did read.
  • 2019 will again be about HORSES and am completely fine with nobody knowing what that acronym stands for
  • I was promised I will never have to go to weddings ever again! Except for one or two that may never even take place
  • I kinda made sense of my rather turbulent past
  • So apart from 2005 this was the most interesting year of my life and I am resisting the very modern reflex to now tell you how to live your life