Please read the quote in the picture above.

Will tell this to the next client that walks into the door saying her father raped her almost every day between the ages of 8 and 12. Her self-hatred, self-destructive tendencies, inability to enjoy sex and fear of intimacy: all just a result of the choice she made to be abused by her father.

So many ‘wisdom’ quotes flow around the internet that we tend to like and believe something just because it’s a meme and someone put it in front of our face with a picture of some cheesy roses.

There are some things in life that we do not control, things that were decided for us. Sure, once you are an adult you should seek to make sure your reality is more and more a result of your own personal choices and you have to be aware of how much power you have to change almost anything in your life, but not everything is a personal decision. Shit does happen and when it happens all you can do is decide to somehow makes the best of it.