76. Treat her like a sex crazed nympomaniac in bed, but always, always present her as a the most dignified, composed, calm, responsible, sensible woman in public

77. Pair your own socks

78. Use paper tissues so she doesn’t have to wash your dirty handkerchiefs. Better yet, save both of you some valuable time: take all dirty laudry to a laundry service near you once per week.

79. Realize that the Christmas holiday might not be so much fun at all for her, because for many women it still involves the traditional hassle of lots of cleaning and baking and playing the ever smiling hostess for visitors. Be sure to give her space as much as you can and help her out by at least doing most of the groceries and helping with the decorations.

80. Play the most romantic song you can think of and dance with her BEFORE the two of you leave for work. Do it even if you can’t dance at all.

81. Massage her entire body, not just her shoulders. Do it until she falls asleep.

82. Walk through an IKEA store and try out all the pre-designed sitting rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, fancy chairs, etc and play house.

83. Let her shower first.

84. If you have to book a hotel make sure she doesn’t need to do anything at all. Deal with the reception, the check-out, everything.

85. Don’t let her eat alone.

86. Touch her. Depending on the situation don’t let her go untouched for longer than 30 minutes. This doesn’t need to be elaborate touching, just some touching, sometimes even just one gentle stroke along her back.

87. From time to time, give her all possible room to dominate entirely in the bedroom. Let her feel entirely in control. If she didn’t end up sitting on your face you didn’t give her enough space to take charge.

88. Carry the heaviest articles when you go for groceries.

89. Never remind her of the things you do for her. If you are always considerate of her needs and aware of her moods she will remind you, don’t worry.

90. If she has children and you are not the father always show genuine interest in them. She is a mother first, then your lover, never the other way around. Accept that.

91. 80 percent of your compliments should be about something else than her looks.

92. If you’re ticklish let her tickle you. Let her be a little nasty to you to a certain extent as long as it’s playful. A woman who is really comfortable around you starts teasing you. Take it as a sign that she is no longer threatened by your masculinity and that she enjoys being with a man without having to be afraid. Sad to say but initially you are a very scary threat to a woman. So imagine her relief when she feels she can feel safe around you and do what she wants and play with you a bit.

93. Kiss her in places most other guys will skip.

94. Don’t make her rush.

95. Let your actions not contradict your words. Women get very angry and sad when a man is not true to himself.

96. If you mess up, apologize and explain, and if she’s mad at you try not to give her too many arguments as to why she should forgive you. Make the case in your defence and then let it be. If she forgives you or not is no longer in your hands and the more you will try to reason with her the more guilty and manipulative you will seem.

97. Look for what is unique between the two of you and emphasize it.

98. Do NOT bombard her with questions as to why she does or does not do certain things. Don’t ask her to explain her behavior, and don’t ask her to justify her actions. As long as she doesn’t do something that goes too far in your eyes give her space, let her be. The less you pressure her, the more she will open up.

99. Sex is not the main show for her, the main show for her is how much unconditional affection, attention and appreciation you give her.

100. Don’t forget that she also wants to know if she can satisfy you in bed, while most guys are worried sick about their performance in bed, consider that she is also hoping you are satisfied with her.

101. Stay spontaneous. You don’t need to work out a kamasutra routine. She’s not work out machine, so don’t run through some sort of workout routine in the bedroom. She will feel it when you are too much in your head and not following your desire for her and it will lessen her arousal. If you lovingly do whatever you want with her she’ll enjoy it. And if you ever do something she doesn’t like she will give you subtle clues to stop it. Once she gives you the green light unleash your desire for her. If she feels comfortable around you and you give her the space for it she will indicate through many different signs what she prefers.

And bonus 102 hold her hand or both her hands while you are licking her pussy. The feeling of connection becomes almost like floating in a bubble of intimacy.