1. Slip her favorite candy in the pocket of her coat or in her purse so she will find it later during the day. Add a funny note to it.
  2. When you see something that reminds you of her let her know.
  3. Hug her non-sexually as often as you can.
  4. Get her a teddybear or other stuffed animal.
  5. Make a silly video in which you dance for her.
  6. Give her an orgasm and don’t expect anything back.
  7. Hide 50 cards in the house or the room with one compliment on each one.
  8. Take her out to a surprise location/event.
  9. Get her a T-shirt with a funny print and hide it under her pillow.
  10. Send her a postcard of your hometown through the mail even if you’re living together.
  11. Remember her menstrual cycle and be aware of it, women go through serious hormonal changes week to week, day to day.
  12. Teach her to play chess or other games.
  13. Touch her sort of inappropriately in public locations.
  14. Cut her a fruit salad.
  15. Massage her feet while she’s watching her favorite TV show
  16. Lick her pussy so slowly she can listen to her entire favorite music album
  17. You can’t go wrong with flowers, especially when there is no special occasion to give them, give them just like that.
  18. Hide lots heart shaped pieced of soap in the bathroom arranged in such a way that they spell her name.
  19. Give her an original nickname that fits her.
  20. Write a message only she can understand with chalk on the side-walk right in front of her door so she will spot it as she walks out the door in the morning.
  21. Get a fancy breakfast basket, or have it delivered, and eat on the roof during the summer or arrange one room in a very cosy way in winter and have a picknick on the floor.
  22. Keep her warm at all times. Get her excellent ear warmers. Get her warm shawls. Whatever you do, keep her warm.
  23. Keep a diary for her and give it to her when it’s full, just write down and document everything you do together. She’ll love it.
  24. Write her hand-written letters.
  25. She can never have enough bath salts, massage oils, creams, soaps, silk underwear, scented tissues, sponges, basically anything that increases her comfort.
  26. Give her the same symbolic object for every time she completely blows your mind. For example: give her a thimble or a smurf or a marble or a shell, it can be anything basically, but preferably something small and inexpensive and durable. Give one to her for every truly outstanding memorable moment you share together.