I am a young woman just like this Anna chick, am also a law student. I am also annoyed by guys taking up too much space on public transport. But as long as they are not touching me, I do not mind that much. There is behavior that bothers me far more than this. Like not getting up for older people, or ignoring pregnant women or not helping women with prams. Or young ladies chattering on the phone, super loudly, about all sorts of bullshit that am not interested in. Should I go and throw bleach on those?

Honestly, I think this girl is just an attention whore who wants to pretend she is a crusader for the rights of women.

Earlier she has stood on public spots with her skirt uplifted showing her underware to everyone to combat the despicable practice of upskirting. Ok, that was a sort of funny, sort of sexy campaign to raise awareness over a very serious issue. Nobody should be shoving cameras under a girl’s skirt without her consent, but splashing bleach on guys? They are wearing pants, they have testicles, they need some space for that, am sorry, but I understand. If they are not doing it to be big machos, but just really feel more comfortable that way and they are not touching anyone, so what?

This isn’t constructive activism, this is a declaration of war.

Anna, there are children starving in Yemen. Go do something about that. Save your bleach.

You can see her heroic actions here: