For reasons I won’t go into here, I see the same taxi driver two or even three times a week.

He is a Roma guy and he speaks incredibly fast. He is the first person I’ve met in Slovakia that I can’t understand all of the time. Over the phone I find his sentences very hard to follow. Face to face (or side by side in his taxi) he’s easier to understand. He does most of the talking as he just rambles on incessantly.

He has four topics, cars, football, women and the economy. He has a keen insight in the economy. Today he told me that money is a fiction, the monetary system is controlled by the rich for the rich. I don’t meet many people who understand that our whole economy has become some sort of cruel fairy-tale with fake money that is not linked to any real value anymore, it only exists on computer screens and in our heads. If we would stop believing in money it would be worthless immediately.

But he also talked about women today. I tend to try and avoid conversations about cars and football.

He said:

‘Slovak women are all about sex. They have no problem having sex with three guys at the same time (at the same time, but separately, not as a gangbang), they have sex as a life-style, they love it, they need it, sex is their life.’

How different perspectives can be!

Yes, even during the 15 minute taxi ride we saw some Slovak women who seemed to have walked straight out of a porn movie, with their butt naked, yes, with their butt naked, in skimpy provocative dresses, but I highly doubt there are many Slovak women who have three sexual lovers at the same time. I actually think there are very, very few of those.

He added: ‘You know, the more beautiful they are, the simpler they are.’

This is also not my experience. Truly beautiful women are never stupid. One reason is perhaps that their looks get them the best of everything as people are more eager to please them, talk to them, etc.

Plus, beauty is also linked to material well-fare, parents who are not too stressed, good food, good healthcare, and self-confidence. I am taking a risk here and I will say: daughters born to parents with money are more likely to turn out beautiful.

And we know that rich parents tend to have better educated children, so on the whole, I completely reject the ideas that very beautiful women are bitches and are stupid. According to me very beautiful women are almost never bitches and are almost never stupid. The few bitches I have met were always very average looking women who desperately wanted to be hot babes.

The more one talks about Slovak women, interacts with them, and observes them, the harder it becomes to generalize.

The only thing I would say is that they are more confident than women in Belgium, for example. At first they are quite timid and super polite, but once they get comfortable around you they are very confrontational, provoke and LOVE discussing. Slovak women LOVE to disagree with you.

Slovak women are definitely two-faced.

Yes, on the streets of Slovakia you would think this country must have the biggest porn industry in the world, with willing porn actresses running around in droves, BUT once you get closer to them it quickly becomes obvious that they are provocative, opinionated, are stubborn, strong willed, very easily offended, and – if they are honest – are looking for a guy that will be able to deal with their dominant character. That doesn’t mean they really want to be the dominant partner, they want a guy who can deal with their very dominant personalities.

And yes, Slovak women are borderless devils in bed.

But they definitely tend to stick to one guy.