On social media so many people call other people idiots.

Two observations:

  • The smartest people I know NEVER use the word idiot
  • I only see it used when person A does not agree with something person B said
  • It makes the word empty and baseless.
  • To call someone an idiot means that you are the idiot.
  • There’s no argument to it. It’s lazy to do so. It’s unorginal and pointless. It’s ineffective. You will never convince someone to consider your point of view by calling them an idiot… So the use of the word ‘idiot’ or anything similar becomes a sure sign of… idiocy.
  • That’s what the horde of Trump bashers don’t get. Trump gets called an ‘idiot’ hundreds of thousands of times a day. He’s probably the world record holder when it comes to being called an idiot.
  • What does anyone hope to accomplish with this?
  • Does anyone really believe they can change politics by calling someone an idiot?
  • I find Trump a horrendous symptom of -almost- everything that goes wrong in our time. I find his fans to be narcissistic, egocentric and deeply afraid, masking that fear with childish bravado. But his haters? His haters are very similar, especially when they bash him 24/7 with lame expletives while pretending to somehow being more intelligent than Trump and all his fans put together. If you call Trump an idiot you’re no better than Trump, you’re being the same bully he is. Except that Trump’s bullying worked out really well for him.
  • Trump is not an idiot. Trump wants attention and he gets it. He gets what he wants. That’s not typically a sign of idiocy. He managed to trick a country into voting him into the White House. Not a sign of idiocy. Calling him an idiot from the comfort of your couch, I-pad clutched tight to your chin. A sign of idiocy.
  • Since it must be clear to anyone now that you can’t convince anyone of your point of view in a discussion on social media, we must conclude that those who still comment on posts online trying to convince others must be something like idiots.
  • The most succesful people I know have at least one thing in common: they NEVER engage in online discussions. They simply don’t. No time for it. No willingness to invest energy into it. And they never call anyone an idiot. Not even behind their back.