It’s really not rocket science.

Some argue that this somewhat elusive spot doesn’t exist. Some say it’s just all part of the clitoris.

I have yet to meet a woman who, after allowing me some anatomical exploration, didn’t have a pleasure area in her vagina that fits the common description of the G-spot. In fact, they all moan the neighbours to insomnia when you stimulate it. Not all of them can reach an orgams purely through stimulation of the G-spot. I would say more than half can’t, no matter what you do, they only climax through clitoral stimulation. That doesn’t mean they don’t love it.

How to find it?

It’s not deep. Maybe five centimeters deep. Probably even less. It’s located upwards, towards her belly.

You can easily stimulate it by making a ‘come here’ gesture with one or two fingers.

The surface feels different from the rest of her vagina. It kinda feels like part of your gums, it’s like a little bit rougher.

You can push your finger upwards and make this ‘come here’ movement over and over again.

If you want to make her climax fast you can simultaneously lick her clitoris. Or lick around her clitoris, some women find direct stimulation of the clitoris a bit painful or unpleasant.

If you stand and carry her in your arms during penetration you will also stimulate it and her clitoris will have friction in that position. It’s one of the best position to make a woman climax.

Definitely try stimulating her G-spot with your finger and licking her clitoris, and let your other hand travel everywhere over her body. She’ll climax fast and intensely.

Nice for a quiz: It’s called after the guy who ‘discovered’ it, a guy called Gräfenberg. If he was married to the luckiest woman alive is not known.