It’s outrageous that we here on earth stare up at the sky and take pictures of the blood moon.

Does anyone think for a second about the thousands and thousands of aliens that have to be killed to drench the moon in blood just for human entertainment?

If you instagrammed the blood moon you are simply an insensitive asshole and a dreadful exponent of the neo-patriarchal matrix.

How is it even possible that Facebook allows pictures of the blood moon, of the ritualized slaughter of thousands of innocent aliens, but it will immediately block your post if it shows the nipples of female breasts? Is Zuckerberg the richest gay in the closet? Is it a fancy closet?

I mean, Facebook has no problem when I post a picture of my man boobs, my moobs, and they are twice the size of the breasts of most Slavic women. Yes, Slavic women tend to have small breasts, though there are of course exceptions (see my sister in law). I absolutely love that about Slavic women, because only lower IQ males tend to prefer big breasts. This is possibly the only real fact in this entire article, though I’m convinced that Slavic women having smaller breasts is also true. I would have to go out and measure a large sample to confirm this, but as mentioned before I’m not into breasts. Perhaps I can go out and measure thighs.

Anyway, it’s disgusting that people post pictures of the slaughter on the moon. Shame on everyone.

If you agree and are also trembling with outrage please use the hashtag #memoon

There will be a manifestation here in Bratislava in front of the local observatory. Participants will moon passers-by in protest.

It’s unacceptable that aliens have to die for this.

For once I just wanted to be the first one to be outraged over something. I’m just trying to fit into our pleasant and entertaining outrage culture.

What are you outraged about today? Have you seen some commercial lately that can be labelled homophobic, anti semitic, islamophobic, fatphobic, racist, misogynist, disrespectful of albinos?

Stay vigillant! Do not take anything lightly!!