Zuzana considers everything to do with Pick Up Artists as being a symptom of something close to mental disorder. Here are some of her arguments:

  • After studying several of the most well known Pick Up Artists she concluded that all of them have a poor relationship to their mother. Sasha Daygame was beaten and severely mistreated by his mother. From all pick-up artists he seems to have made the most progress, because he seems to talk more about the economy than about chasing after women. James Marshall was abandoned by his mother and left in the care of his father, who was not a particularly interesting or inspiring individual. It’s not unlikely that womanisers are chasing after their mother and the sublime stressfree love of the mother of early childhood.
  • All womanisers suck at dealing with women and girls early on. Whereas the people they grew up with went on to have girlfriends they got rejected and felt powerless. This drives them to study dating and seduction and they endlessly repeat the trauma of rejection growing up as deeply insecure males by trying to conquer any woman they meet. Hereby they try to establish that they are in fact good with women and that they are masculine. They are addicted to the momentary fix of qualifying for a woman. As soon as they do qualify – sex being proof of this- they need to move on to the next one. As with any drug they build up tolerance and they need to up the stakes, make the challenge bigger, take it a step further.
  • All womanisers fail to have a nurturing long term relationship
  • They can’t talk about anything else anymore and turn into something akin to dogs who are interested in food and sex. As with other addicts they start to surround themselves purely with people who share their addictions and they try to convince others to join them in their addiction
  • The world needs so many things, there are so many problems that need solving, there are beneficial companies to build, positive messages to spread and lessons to be drawn from history, movies to be made, buildings to be built, people to be helped, but these guys choose to obsess over fucking as many women as possible. In their accounts it’s also clear that they are poor lovers, as the woman is just present for the momentary ego fix and the swift release of stress and frustration. In the end they waste their talents. Only the ones who manage to monetize their ‘skill set’ profit materially.
  • They stay stuck in the archetype of the addicted ‘lover’ and do not develop into the archetype of inspiring ‘king’ which should be the goal of any man. These men, boys really, are stuck in their teenage years.