Hi, I live close to this post office, so unfortunately I have to go there quite often. The people who work there are often stressed, frustrated and outright angry.

At least one of them, the most arrogant one, a failed barbie with glasses, is xenophobic and enjoys to insult customers.

They have no waiting system so you always have complete chaos there. Other post offices are better organized, so the local manager must be incompetent. At other post offices they are usually a lot friendlier.

I have been insulted only ONCE in all my time in Slovakia and it was at this post office. In a very friendly tone I stated that the system in Belgium works differently and the oldest one, the most arrogant one, said that if I didn’t like it here I could go back to Belgium. This remark was so utterly unneccessary. I didn’t imply that the post offices in Belgium are better. I was simply confused about their system. Note that I speak Slovak and always try hard to talk Slovak to everybody I meet.

If you live in Slovakia can avoid this post office please do! Good luck! And yes, the Belgian post works infinitely better than the Slovak one,  but no, I am not going back to Belgium, because I love Slovakia, these frustrated mongrels, like the old lady at this post office, are still only a tiny minority and I understand that they are like this because they are so frustrated about their own life.

Today I have already met some wonderful Slovak people who were genuinely nice, open, friendly, curious and very cooperative and flexible. I taught German to a great guy at a big company this morning for example.

What the old lady does not understand is that when you are nasty to people it inevitably hits you right in the wrinkled face like a boomerang.


Nemo me impune lacessit