I spotted this on Twitter today. It’s in the wake of De Niro stating the same thing at the Tony Awards.

It maybe releases some pseudo-orgastic pressure in liberals to tweet this, but let’s just say it’s not… politically expedient.

THIS is exactly how we, liberals, are going to make sure Trump gets reelected by a landslide. It’s politically stupid to do this. It alienates the neutral, and it makes his fans entrench… This is sillier than some of the stuff Trump does.

Say what you’re far, not what you’re against.

By attacking Trump you give him power, because you acknowledge that the power lies with him.

By the way, if the alternative to Trump is whomever the Democratic Party wants to see in the White House, then please, let Trump stay right where he is. At least with Trump you know where he stands, sort of.

If the mainstream media would give the same attention to Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders I have no doubt those two would stand a great chance at winning the presidential elections. They are not perfect, but they are way better than the usual candidates.

Isn’t it weird by the way that the US is a democracy but that we only ever talk about the one person who is going to occupy the White House?

How democratic is this?

And even that one elected person doesn’t have that much influence, because the US is ruled by its billionaires and by its wealthiest companies. The presidents are just frontmen for big business.