It’s a cool moment when De Niro says Fuck Trump, but I doubt it’s constructive. It’s not good politics, but hey, De Niro is not a politician. If you move your embassy to Jerusalem, raise the military budget even more, bomb even more people than Obama did, lower unemployment through the same tactics Hitler used, borrowing money and galvanizing the war economy, then yes, FUCK YOU. But is it politically smart to do this? No, it just makes Trump’s supporters dig in even more.

Odd by the way that a word like ‘fuck’ can offend Americans so much. You can’t watch an American movie without hearing it like a zillion times. Plus, I will never understand how a simple word such as FUCK can offend more than mass shootings, poverty, raging economic inequality, thousands of babies dying of dirty water every day, etc

Here’s what The Guardian had to say about the incident:

‘The actor Robert De Niro won a standing ovation at Sunday night’s Tony awards in New York for attacking the president. Appearing on stage at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, De Niro declared: “I’m gonna say one thing. Fuck Trump.”

As the applauding audience rose to their feet, De Niro continued: “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s fuck Trump.” He then continued with an apparently prepared introduction of Bruce Springsteen.

Although the show was broadcast as-live, CBS had time to bleep out the f-word for TV audiences, thought to number around six million.

De Niro has long been a vociferous critic of Donald Trump. After calling him “totally nuts” in August 2016, the actor released a video during the election campaign stating his desire to punch Trump in the face, and calling him “an idiot, a national disaster, an embarrassment to this country … this fool, this bozo”.’

What do you think? Is it constructive to say ‘Fuck Trump’ at a public event?