Answer by Vihung Marathe.

Yes. In fact it’s worse.

I’m brown-skinned. Speak at least two non-English, non-European languages. Not Christian. In fact an out-and-proud damned atheist. And I’m considered British by everyone around me. It’s terrible.

Even worse. I own two businesses. I’ve never been on benefits. I fully support the welfare system we have, in fact I’d like to move it further. I’d prefer we rolled back the austerity measures and systematic defunding of public services brought in by the Conservative government since 2010. I’d like more support for mental illnesses. I’d like the NHS to cover dental and optical treatment universally, in the same way they cover medical treatment. I’d prefer we reintroduced free university education again. And I don’t mind if my taxes go up as a result. I’m in favour of some kind of universal basic income. Unfortunately, so do most of my fellow Britons.

I own three cars: some real gas-guzzlers – Mercedes and BMWs. I’m in favour of the increased road tax on them. I’d like it to go to funding more public transport and I fully support the measures to ban diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040. The future of personal transportation is electric. And more personalised public transport. Also, I’d like to see more pedestrianisation and cycle-friendly city centres. Can you imagine anything more horrible?

I’m a heterosexual male. Cis-gender. I really don’t care who uses which bathroom or even who marries whom. Neither do most of the people around me. And what’s more, we mostly believe that a woman is fully capable of making choices about her own body. Can you imagine that?

I live in the country. I don’t own a gun. I don’t intend to. But if I did, I would certainly be able to, legally. My house is already equipped with a gun safe and a lockable ammunition strong box (courtesy of the previous owners of the house). I understand the appeal of shooting as a pastime. I’ve been to a few parties myself. But I’m not particularly sporty in that way. I certainly don’t believe that having a gun around me can somehow contribute positively to my personal safety. Sadly most of my fellow countrymen feel the same.

To add to my woes, Britain has some of the best food and drink in the world. Increased affluence, immigration from the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Caribbean, proximity to the Mediterranean and membership of the European Union have given us fantastic local produce, the best foreign cuisines, and some of the most stringent food safety regulations there are. All because of immigration and regulation. It’s horrendous.

This answer can be found on Quora. It was written by Vihung Marathe. The original questions was: Is the UK as bad as the Republicans claim it is?