‘You must masturbate the exercise!!’

Our professor is raising his voice. When we just sit there and stare at him, rabbits caught in the headlights, he loses his patience and yells:

‘You must masturbate the exercise!’

His name is Pavel Ocepek, you can see him in the picture on the right.

He is our professor of Slovenian, and we know he is still learning English.

He means something entirely different than masturbating…

The question is what?

Not knowing what else to do and getting red in the face, we start filling in the exercise in silence.

We hear a sigh of relief.

He meant: do it by yourself.

We admire him so much that we do not have the heart to tell him about his mistake.

Unless your teacher does not mean what ‘to prostitute yourself’ means it is completely inappropriate to say that…


Pavel Ocepek is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He turned us into obsessed learners of the Slovenian language and we adored him for it.